I Miss You D.C.

Since last Thursday’s “Awful Kidney Stone” event, I have become closely acquainted with this…

I have never hated drinking water. It just has never been my first choice or my favorite choice. It was just something that I drank from time to time whenever I felt like it.

I have now been informed that I must drink a lot more water…as in a gallon or more per day. This, apparently, will make things much easier for me whenever the other stinkin’ stones decide to release themselves and make things painful for me again.

And, I’ve found that once you realize that you have to drink much, much, much more water than you’d really like to…

It doesn’t taste quite as good any longer.

And…I seriously think I’m in danger of floating away sometime soon.

I miss you my dear, loving, friendly, bubbly, tasty Diet Coke. Life will never be the same without you…

P.S. I haven’t been brave enough to completely say goodbye to my true love (the D.C.)…I’ve just cut back to one or none per day. This is much less than I would love to be drinking. {sigh}