Are You Ready For Some Football?

One of the nicest thing about our neighbors (the one family that we are close to) is that they have four kids almost the same ages as ours. And, every now and then, we two moms know that we can call upon each other to fill in as babysitters when there is a need. This has come in very handy for the two of us.

And the kids LOVE it when that happens!

On one recent afternoon, I picked up a bunch of excited kids from school….excited because they knew that they were all staying at my home for a couple of hours. And three of them were extra-excited because that meant…football!

Two of the neighbor boys (“Punk N” and “Punk T”) and my oldest boy, Will, are all about “The Football.” When I drive them all to school or pick them up from school I will get to hear the play-by-play action about their latest recess football game. I’m fairly certain that it’s been over three years since any of them have used the playground equipment at school…nope, in their minds recess is just a 30 minute football game. Day after day after day. And God forbid that it might be too cold for recess one day….all I’ll get to hear when Will gets home is “we didn’t get to play football today.” And, if Will sees the two boys out in their yard, I’ll get an excited boy asking me “Can I call the neighbors to see if they are allowed to play football?!”

Or, even worse, if there has been an Ohio State football game the day before…yi, yi, yi. Let me tell you, those three boys can jabber-jaws more than any girls I’ve ever been around.

So, the boys know they are coming to our house to spend the afternoon and they are thrilled beyond belief…until they start to realize that they have a big problem. For alas, there are only three football enthusiasts in our crowd.

And everyone knows that you need four football enthusiasts to have a rowsing game of football. So, you begin to see the wheels churning in their brains and the boys narrow down their choices:

“Wyatt, will you please play football with us?” No. I’m busy playing. “Weston?” My am digging in dirt. “Baby O??” Worms! he replies.

They quickly realize that no amount of pleading or cajoling is going to pull the younger boys away from their dirt digging…

And their worst fears are realized…they are going to have to ask a girl to help them out.

So here comes Weslea to the rescue. The most underappreciated fourth player in Neighborhood Football history.

The game ensues…

Where Weslea always ends up getting to hear an earful of “advice” on how she should be playing their game of football…

And I know that after about 10 minutes of “advice” she will end up looking at me pleadingly and say “how much longer do I have to play this stupid game??”

It’s tough being the only girl your age in the neighborhood!

And it’s a good thing that the boys can quickly realize that there will be no convincing their Fourth Football Player to return to the game and that they are going to need to have some flexibility if their game is going to continue.

After a few mintues of complaining about Weslea being a “quitter”, I’ll hear one of them quickly say….”Will, you are all-time quarterbook now, okay? Let’s play some football!!”

What a bunch of tough dudes they are…