And Now…Poor Me.

After reading this post, you probably aren’t going to believe me…but I rarely ever (and I mean almost never) go to the doctor. Ever. The last time I went was over two years ago and I was extremely ill for over a week before I finally admitted to myself that I might need to see someone about it. I don’t even have a Primary Care Physician (although I am now thinking that I should start looking for one with the luck I’ve been having.)

You all know that a few weeks ago, I met “The Kidney Stone.” And then last night happened…and well, last night is a big long story all to itself.

Let’s start at the beginning…

In August I was running up our basement stairs barefoot when I tripped and fell like the big klutz that I am. I also stubbed the second toe on my right foot really bad. I honestly thought I had broken my toe it hurt so bad.

But no…I couldn’t just break my toe and have it over with. Several days later I noticed that my toenail was loose (?!) and I went into complete denial that there was even a possibility that my toenail was falling off. I ignored it. I refused to look at it. I pretended that the second toe on my right foot wasn’t even there any longer.

About a month later, the darn thing had to fall off on me though and then the denial was over. My not-so-pretty toes that were at least normal toes were now hideous toes. I was extremely upset! How would I ever be able to wear my beloved flip-flops again? When would I ever get to paint my toenails again? How would I be able to get my once-a-year pedicure that I always splurge on? My toe didn’t hurt at all, but it sure was one ugly little bugger.

And then all of the sudden it was this week…an entire month after my toenail had first decided to part from it’s owner…and that toe started hurting a bit. And then it was Wednesday and that toe was hurting something awful, it was red, it was puffy and I wasn’t happy about it one bit. And then Friday rolled around and Sweatiepy got home from his business trip to Minnesota. When he looked at my toe (the man who I’m pretty sure hasn’t been to a doctor since the day we got married) and said “I think you need to go to the ER. That looks really bad.” That’s when I got nervous.

By Friday evening I had consulted with our Resident Family R.N. (my dear mom) and she told me to get it looked at. I was also shopping with my sisters who said “you need to get that looked at!” And that’s when my sister, Janine, and I drove to the closest Urgent Care Center (a good long 45 minute drive from here) and got it looked at.

I now am the proud owner of another antibiotic that I will need to take for forever. I also learned that when you have a toe infection you should soak your foot in hot water that has Dreft in it (Dreft is a special laundry detergent for babies that I haven’t seen in over four years since Weston grew up on me.) Apparently all the foot doctors are recommending that now over Epsom Salt because it kills bacteria so effectively. (And that is your new interesting fact that you learned for today!)

If my toe isn’t cleared up by Monday, I will then be enjoying a new acquaintance with our local podiatrist.

I’m learning that being “Forever 29” is pretty hard on a girl.

P.S. You can all thank me later for not posting pictures to go along with my post today. My poor mother had to see them earlier today and I’m sure she is now scarred for life. I love you mom! I really, really do!

P.S.S. Why did it take me an entire week to realize that I still have an entire bottle of heavy-duty pain pills leftover from my kidney stone experience? It would have come in really handy if I had remembered that little tidbit early yesterday morning rather than late that night.