A New Look.

I’ve been having an urge to change my blog banner for several weeks now. As the weather has turned cooler and leaves started changing colors…my ocean banner just didn’t seem to fit in so well any longer.

So, I took the kids on a photo shoot…not because I wanted to make “beautiful memories” so much. I just needed some new material for my fall banner that I spent the rest of the night working on (and I am proud to say that I actually made this one all on my own…it only involved two emergency phone calls to my sister for help.)


After I picked the kids up from school yesterday, we rushed home where I quickly dressed them up in fall colors and we took off for that awesome, deserted section of our road to try to get some shots like these:



And then I lucked out and was able to get them to stand still long enough to take some close-ups as well:





Thank goodness that the section of road we were on was not only a photographer’s dream location…it was also a treasure trove of nature items. The real reason why I was able to get some good photos was because the kids were looking forward to the impromptu nature hunt they got to go on when the dreaded photo time was finally finished.

You all know those “osage orange/monkey ball/monkey brain” nature things? (I have no idea what the real name for them is.) We are now the proud owners of about 362 of them.

But I’m also the proud owner of some pretty cute photos. So, it was definitely worth it!