A Boy And His "Toys"

One of the most intriguing things to me about our third child, Wyatt, is his complete and utter fascination with strings.

Yep…strings. Any size, shape, color, texture. The boy loves and adores them. I truly believe that strings and ropes are his favorite “toy” out of any toy he could pick in the entire world.

It started when he was a wee itty-bitty guy. As soon as he could crawl around enough to make a toy move, he would always choose something that had a string attached to it. And once he was walking, he and “The Toy With A String” (it didn’t matter which one as long as it had one) would take long walks in the circle through our living room, down the hall, through the kitchen and then back around again. Round and round they went. Until he decided to tie “The Toy With A String” to something. Then I would get to hear a very loud explanation of why I should get his toy unattached immediately so that he could begin walking with it again (all done in his unique “Wyatt-ese” language, of course.)

The real troubles started when Wyatt discovered shoestrings. I’d be getting ready to go somewhere, reach down for the shoes that I knew were perfect for my outfit and…the shoelaces would be missing. “Wyatt!” I would yell furiously.

Invariably, I’d almost always find my missing shoelace either knotted tightly to one of his toys. Or, I’d find it knotted tightly to a shelf in his closet with the other end then knotted tightly to a toy. Not only was the boy obsessed with strings, he was also able to make one heck of a tight knot. Most times my shoelace would end up staying right where I found it with me hurling choice words at it after I realized I was never going to be able to get the knot untied.

Shoelaces, yarn, ribbons he’d find from my crafting stash, robe ties, ponytail holders that he would find scissors for and cut in half, ropes in the garage…they have always been a complete obsession with the boy.

So, you can imagine how much he enjoyed sitting by the bonfire the other night with his length of dirty rope that he must have found in the barn. He first used it to try to make his own fire. That didn’t work so he moved on to making his own volleyball net. After that failed, he began to build a city with it. And after that…

Well, who knows where his imagination will take him next.

I just hope he doesn’t decide to use my shoelaces for his next project. Okay Wyatt? Did you hear what your favorite Mommy just said? Here’s a secret Buddy….Daddy’s shoelaces are right on the other side of the closet and there are a lot more of them over there….and they are longer….and in boy colors.

Just ask me next time and I’ll point you right to them…