Why Do I Love Soccer?

Soccer season is upon us and somehow or other, we have come to realize that soccer has become the sport of choice for our family. At least until basketball season starts up in the winter. We’ve tried a few other summer sports, but soccer is the one that our kids all seem to enjoy and excel at the most.

While sitting at Wyatt and Weslea’s game last night…it struck me just how many reasons there are for me to enjoy soccer. Even while I’m just sitting on the sideline with one bored little boy who would rather be home doing anything other than watching his brother and sister play soccer.

So, here they are. Just a few reasons why I like soccer:

1) Watching Sweatiepy coach our kids. Since Will’s first season in soccer, my hubby jumped right in there and volunteered to be a coach for his team. It’s been wonderful way for the kids to enjoy quality time with their dad and it’s been awesome to see the way Sweatiepy interacts with all the kids on his team. It takes a lot of patience, time, skill, dedication and patience to be a coach (did I mention that it takes patience?)…and I really don’t think that most parents realize just how demanding of a job it is. Especially considering that it’s a volunteer position. I’m really proud of all the time and effort he has put into this for the sake of our children.

2) One of the kiddos looking for me while they are on the field. Seeing one of the munchkins looking for me on the sidelines and then having them break into a big smile and wave wildly at me when they do finally find me…I don’t know why I love that so much, but it makes my heart go pitter-patter everytime it happens.

3) Watching the kids on the sideline. I learned quickly that if the game is boring, the sideline action is where all the fun is at anyway. The little stinkers always crack me up with their antics, but the sideline coach is the one that really gets me laughing. He (no matter who “he” is at the time) never has a clue as to what’s going on right beside him because he is so focused on the game.

4) Seeing improvement. Watching my kids improve their skills and their confidence is one of my absolute favorite things about soccer. When they get aggressive and get in there to fight for that ball…woo-hoo baby! I love it!

Especially being able to watch my girl, Weslea. Seeing her hold her own with the boys makes my little streak of feminist pride go crazy. (On a small sidenote: she scored two goals last night.)

5) The End-Of-The-Game Line-Up. I love watching the two “enemy” teams line up for the traditional hand slaps at the end of the game. Listening to them all exclaim “good game!” to each other with a big smile on their face is just one of the cutest things ever.


6) Photo opportunities. I would think that this one is pretty obvious. You all know who the annoying mom with the camera that’s always clicking is…right?


7) And last but not least….those big beautiful brown eyes. I caught them again!

Just a few reasons why I enjoy soccer so much…