Tune Time.

I got to babysit this little guy on Friday afternoon…”Baby O” from next door.

When “Baby O” visits our home, his one and only interest is not me. No, he’s in love with my piano. Not very long after he walks in the door, he convinces me to open the top of the piano for him and then I get to help him plop his little bottom down on the bench so that he can play some tunes.

For me, everytime he comes over to visit, it is like taking a quick jaunt down memory lane when I remember my own kids at his age and the fascination that they also had with banging on a piano at that time.

One of my most poignant memories of one of my kiddos and my piano concerns our daughter, Weslea.

Hmmm….let’s see. How can I put this nicely?

Weslea was one of the cutest babies ever put on God’s green earth (in my very humble opinion of course.) She was also one of the most difficult babies ever put on God’s green earth (and that is putting it nicely.) To make a long story short….she cried all of the time and slept none of the time. For months…and months…for a full year…and then some more months….

But one thing that I learned was calming for Weslea, was for me to put her in her infant carrier…you know the kind that the mom straps onto the front of herself and then lugs the heavy baby around until her shoulders and back want to fall off? Yep, I would put her in that comfortable thing, sit down at the piano, and then play for as long as I possibly could stand it.

That ornery baby loved it. And would often take a nice, long snooze…as long as the piano kept playing.

I loved it too. My sweet baby finally wasn’t crying, she was sleeping (thank you God!), she was all warm and snuggly against my tummy…and I felt so completely bonded to my difficult baby that I loved so much.

“Baby O” seems to love the piano almost as much as Baby Weslea once did. “Angie…pway…me!” he says using his cute little baby speech.

About 10 hours later…after numerous rounds of “Old MacDonald Had A Farm”, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, “The ABC Song”, “The Barney Song” and anything else I can think of off the top of my head, and only after I am completely hoarse…he might be ready to move on to a new activity.

Or maybe not!

That boy does like his tunes…