The Dreaded Picture Day.

Today is Picture Day at school. One of my least favorite days of the year.

Picture Day means…that I have to convince Mr. Morning-Time Crabby Pants that he, in fact, does have to get his hair brushed even if it’s just this one time out of the entire year. He might not look crabby in this picture, but trust me…he was.

Picture Day means…that I get to try to camoflauge the bangs that Weslea decided to cut for herself several months ago (oh yes, she did.)

I also get to try to cover up any of her impetigo marks that might be showing on her face. My poor girl has been fighting with this infection since she was just a little gal. It supposedly is contagious, but not one other member of our family has ever had it. Of all people in our family to get it though, it had to be my girl who is now getting more self-conscious about it as she grows older. Her current flare-up was not a bad one, but she does have some faint marks on her nose that she is not real thrilled about.

This alone is my very favorite reason as to why I love Photoshop so much and how I have been able to use it to make her skin look exactly like she’d like it to look. It’s one absolutely amazing program, that’s for sure.

Picture Day means…well, this guy is pretty easy to deal with on picture day. He’s just ornery for my camera.

Now, if he makes that face during his picture time at school? Then I’ll have to take him down.

If there is one thing that I really love about my munchkins, it’s the fact that they are always so willing to pose for a nice photo together.

In this shot, Weslea just tried to kiss Will. Will is majorly ticked off. Weslea is thrilled that she upset him so bad. Wyatt just wants the whole picture business to be over already.

At least I can take care of the “uglies” easy enough…

“Happy” Picture Day to me…blech.