Sweet Little Puppies.

Let me introduce you to Mia…

And to Lisa…

Who, I am happy to report, are not our dogs.

For you see, to me a dog usually brings to mind visions of muddy floors, chewed up couches and pillows, potty stains on the carpet, and barking. And bad breath. And licking noises. Oh…and lots and lots of barking. (Did I already mention that?)

When you are invited to visit with someone else’s puppy though…a dog takes on a completely different view. Then they are just cute and cuddly and oh-so-sweet and you simply can’t get enough of them. You just gotta love them!

Our friends, Bob & Jean, (who are also my sister’s in-laws) just bought two 10-week old beagle puppies yesterday and our kids were thrilled to be able to visit with them for a couple of hours today.

Well, I should say, Weslea and Will were thrilled to visit with them. Wyatt and Weston acted like they wanted to meet the new puppies, but once we got there those two boys ended up not wanting anything to do with the cuties. Ah well…that just gave the other kids more time to cuddle with the little puppies.

Will really enjoyed cuddling with the pups…and we found that he seemed to have a “puppy magnet” on him. He usually had at least one puppy stuck to him like glue.

Weslea, on the other hand, didn’t just enjoy the puppies…she was in pure puppy heaven.

That girl is completely obsessed with dogs…she always checks puppy books out at the library, draws pictures of puppies, asks over and over when she will get a puppy of her own, informs us that Santa will bring her a puppy this year for Christmas…

I’m afraid that she’s sure to be disappointed as her mom and dad are not wanting to get a puppy at all.

Her mom and dad are so mean!

At least she has two puppies right up the road from us that she can love on though. I’ll have to ask Bob and Jean when Weslea can move in with them. 🙂

You can view pictures of the Scandlon cousins playing with the puppies on Janine’s blog: Random Musings.