Panic Mode.

I have spent quite a bit of my day today pouring through online photography sites that feature Senior Portraits. I have also spent a good hour pouring through the manual for my camera. Why am I doing those things you ask?

Well, that would be because this adorable girl (who was one of our favorite lifeguards at the lake this summer) has asked me to take her senior portraits for her. And I am freaking…as in panicking, sweaty palms, having a heart attack freaking…out.

We are scheduled to do our big shoot…tomorrow. As in the day after tonight. So, unless we have a big rain storm again tomorrow, we are on.

When she first asked me, I was kind of excited about it. She’s adorable; she’s outgoing; I’m sure she’ll make this easy for me; she’s got those big, beautiful gray eyes. But now that we’ve gotten closer to the big date I am so worried that I am going to mess this up for her.

She’s been very easy going about it though…even when I warned her that we are probably going to end up having at least three more shoots so that I can make up for all the shots I mess up.

So, if you just happen to think about me tomorrow please feel free to send up a little prayer for me. Or cross your fingers. Or wish me luck. Or wish me to break a leg.

Okay, maybe not the leg thing…but prayers would definitely be wonderful.