My Baby And His "Amigos"

My “baby” started his second year of preschool today. Due to our quick getaway to visit Uncle Jon in Michigan, Weston had never even seen his new preschool before today. Fortunately, he walked right in like he owned the place though and had absolutely no problems fitting into his new school.


And look! I was somehow able to catch another set of brown eyes (as compared to the deep black holes I usually photograph.) I think I’ve found the magic spot on my front porch where I’ll need to pose the kids from now on.

Sweatiepy and I decided to transfer Weston to a new preschool this year. Not because of problems with his other school or with his other teacher (we loved both of them), but because of peer pressure from my two sisters. They had both enrolled their sons in a different local preschool and really wanted all of the “Three Amigos” to have one year of school together before they take off for different schools next year. I caved to the peer pressure….and we’re all looking forward to a crazy year of the three boys being in school together.

They were just a little bit excited to see each other this morning…my, oh my.

I think that their teacher is going to have a lot of “fun” with those three rascals.

After I dropped Weston off at preschool, I then drove to the elementary school to attend Wyatt’s Kindergarten Orientation. That’s when it hit me…that this is my very last year that I’ll ever drive one of my kiddos to preschool. My brain said “yippee!”

But my heart started to cry just a bit…