Mr. Lardbutt

It has now officially been over two months since I decided that I needed to do something about shaping up this saggy body of mine and I began doing a mixture of jogging and biking. I’m still in slight shock that I’ve stuck with it for this long. And, I’d have to say that I’m pretty darn proud of myself for not quitting.

Since that time in my life many, many moons ago when I played volleyball in high school, I have gotten serious about excercising one time. That’s right…one time. Which is completely pathetic. That one time was right before Sweatiepy and I went on a vacation that was going to involve my body being in a bathing suit quite a bit. I got very nervous about that little fact and began working out with my sister for about a month before our vacation. Once we went on vacation, that was the end of my “working out” and I really hadn’t done one bit of serious excercise since.
“Mom! Just push the stwowwer!” (or in non-weston-ese…the stroller)

So, two months for me is a big deal. A huge deal really.

On average I’m jogging about 10-15 miles a week now….which, to big-time joggers is laughable. To me, it’s amazing! It’s getting more difficult to jog though with all the kid’s activities going on right now. During the summer our evening routine was a lot more simple: daddy gets home from work, we eat dinner and clean up the mess, I take off on my jog during the cooler evening weather.

“I’ll push the stroller if you’ll smile for the camera.” And thus began a series of facial contortions while he tried to find a smile to put on his face.

Now our routine is more like this: mom picks kids up from school, kids storm the house after school looking for snacks, kids and mom finish homework, dad gets home from work, we all eat dinner as fast as possible, three kids and dad leave for soccer practice, mom cleans up kitchen, mom looks at Mr. Lardbutt and tries to decide if she wants to push him for two miles in his jogging stroller, mom usually decides to go for it and then mom ends up huffing and puffing her way through the neighborhood finishing her jog.
I’m so glad he found a smile. And I found another set of brown eyes. Oh the bliss!

I don’t usually call my youngest son Mr. Lardbutt…I promise! I really don’t. But, in all honesty, I think I’ve earned the right to at least be able to call him that on my blog though. His 40+ pound body and that jogging stroller are flippin’ heavy dangit! So, in my head and on my blog, when his body is in that stroller and I am the one pushing it he will forever after be known as Mr. Lardbutt.

Mr. Lardbutt and I enjoyed our jog this morning. The kids have a soccer game tonight and I also have Praise Team practice at church so I knew that I’d have to go jogging this morning if I was going to get my time in today. I enjoyed the jog because I didn’t huff or puff quite as much as I usually do and the weather was nice and cool. Weston enjoyed the jog because when we showed up at the “Be-Still-My-Panicking-Heart Bridge”, there was a long train going by under it. That fact alone is going to give him bragging rights to the other kiddos for a loooooong time to come.


Here’s a quick quiz to see how observant you all are…did any of you notice all of the junk I am “required” to take with us when Mr. Lardbutt and I are out on a jog? Here’s a quick rundown:
*Snacks (Goldfishies and Animal Crackers this time)
*Water Bottle (hiding under the sweatshirt)
*Favorite toy (which today just happened to be a shoe string that he had tied to a toy car)
*Camera (to take photos of one cutie-pie, not-really-a-lardbutt boy)
*Mom’s Sweatshirt (that she quickly discarded when she started sweating and Mr. Lardbutt immediately confiscated as his “blanket”)

I think there’s more like 50 pounds in that stroller…Phew!