Maestro Weston

I woke up this morning and decided that I could not go one more day without something being done with the hair on this head of mine. Four months…that’s how long I’ve waited to get my hair cut. Talk about split ends, dark roots and frizziness. I had it all!

Four hours and approximately $16,000 later, I have a hair cut that I don’t really care for. I’ll try to hold off on my final opinion of the mess, but right now? Major thumbs down.

Anyhoo…several days ago when I was editing Chelsey’s Senior Pictures, I plunked Weston in front of the television for a little while where he happily played Super Smash Brothers on our Wii (his newest favorite game.)

After about ten minutes or so, I realized that he wasn’t actually playing the game, he was just sitting there listening to the opening theme music…over and over and over. Not only was he listening to the theme music, he was attempting to sing it as well. You can listen to the theme song here…but it’s basically just a slightly operatic, not-too-awful to listen to song that doesn’t really have any English words to it.

Weston was nailing the rhythm of the song though and it was hysterical. Here is my attempt to record him while he sings it. Unlike my “normal” Weston, this one is being a little bit shy:

Since our old camera wouldn’t record him singing the entire song, I decided to try to tape him singing the second half here:

And ended up with the recording that should also be known as the “I’m singing in my mind…I will NOT sing for you mom!” version.

I went for one last try with the little booger:

And got to record the “It’s Not Gonna Happen” version of the song.

Oh well, at least I was one for three.

And on a somewhat related note…Weston just started insisting that he does not take baths anymore, he is old enough to take showers. And we have since discovered his love of singing in the shower now as well.