Krista's Senior Pictures

Sunday afternoon was the scheduled date of my “Senior’s Shoot” with Chelsey’s friend, Krista.


As you can easily see, Krista is a gorgeous girl with tons of beautiful auburn hair and the most amazing brown eyes.


Those eyes even look incredible in black and white!


We had a lot of fun wandering around our county finding different and unique places to shoot her senior pictures.


Ever since she contacted me about doing her senior pictures for her, my mind has been buzzing trying to think of new places for us to go. (This beautiful red wall would be Bob & Jean’s barn ~ the same Bob & Jean that let us play with their puppies everytime my kids need a “puppy fix.”)


Living in the middle-of-nowhere has it’s advantage too I’ve found. Let’s see. Now, what could a middle-of-nowhere advantage be? Oh yeah…we have soybean fields to pose in. 🙂


In addition to the new places we shot at, we also included many of the ones that looked so pretty when Chelsey posed for me.





And I loved taking a million-and-one of those really super close-up shots the I tend to do all the time.



One of my favorite shots came on a section of my road that is still gravel…we seriously doubt as if our small town will ever pay to have it paved since it is a completely deserted section of road.

Although I usually hate that part of my road (think of the dust and the mess on your vehicle…it’s not fun), it worked out perfectly for Krista’s pictures.

I thought this photo was gorgeous in color…

And with a vintage look…

A beautiful day of photography with another beautiful girl. It was such good practice for this aspiring photographer!

P.S. I have a major praise that I wanted to share with all of you.

I just found out tonight that Lifeguard Chelsey (who most of you read about all summer long while we were going to the lake and then this fall while I was shooting her senior photos) was in a really serious car accident on Saturday morning. Somehow (I have no idea how except that obviously God’s hand of protection was upon her) she made it through the accident with only some bumps and bruises, but her cute little car that you saw in her cheerleading pictures was completely destroyed. She wrote me that she was broadsided on the drivers side of her car by a driver that was going over 40 mph on impact (after he hit his brakes and slid for 85 feet first.) Even though her driver’s window was completely blown out and her door was smashed inwards about a foot, she had no serious injuries. Isn’t God good?