I'm Done!

My two eldest children finally…finally…started school today. As many of you know, our school building was struck by a tornado last year which caused quite a bit of damage to the gym, the external modular rooms and the school roof. Part of the school was blocked off for the entire school year last year and then the construction workers worked like crazy this summer to try to fix everything before the kids headed on back for a new school year. Due to this, classes started much later than usual. And these last two weeks felt like an eternity to this mom.

I am very glad to have two of mine back in school. I think I might actually get caught up on my laundry now. And deep clean some bedrooms. And de-clutter my basement. I have so many fun things I can do now!

Weston will start his 3-day preschool program on Monday with his two cousins and best-buds (Craig and Nathan.) And Wyatt will begin Kindergarten on Tuesday. He is taking great pleasure in letting his two older siblings know that they have three full days of school to go through before he even starts.

Wyatt did have to go to school for an hour for his kindergarten testing today, which I’m fairly sure he passed with flying colors after three years of preschool and lots of work at home. He was more than ready to start kindergarten this year. He was the first child in his group to walk back to where the parents were waiting and then talked my ear off all the way out to the van about what they worked on with him. “We did our letters and our numbers! And I told them my shapes and we looked at colors on a dice! And I did counting! And there was a lady and a man with a mustache!” And on and on it went.

Then he looked at me and said “And they gave me a sticker!”

I took a quick peek and said “Wow! That’s a really nice sticker Wyatt.”

He replied, “Yep. It says ‘Now I don’t have to do this anymore. I’m done!’

Oh really?! Ummm….not quite. Hate to burst your bubble buddy but you have just a little more school to go through. Like maybe 13 years worth…