Her Eyes.

While taking photos of Will and Weslea on their first day of school, I somehow accomplished one of my photography goals….without really knowing for sure exactly how I did it.

You see, my kids…all four of them…have big, beautiful, dark brown eyes with long, long lashes. This is not a problem! 🙂 I have received many compliments on their eyes over the years. The problem is that I never seem to be able to photograph my kids without their eyes looking like big black holes in their heads.

And then yesterday, I somehow got Weslea in the exact perfect spot and her beautiful brown eyes turned out brown instead of like big black holes.
Of course, I had no idea that I had gotten her eyes perfectly until I uploaded the photo. I suspect that it has everything to do with the light (you photography experts can let me know for sure.)

The crazy thing is, I took photos of Will in the exact same spot about one minute later and they all turned out terrible. He must of been just tall enough that the sunlight went right into his eyes and he couldn’t help but squint the entire time.

I am thrilled beyond belief with the above Weslea photo though. Which goes to show that it doesn’t take much to make me happy, does it?