"Goofy" And His Gal

For this past Memorial Day weekend, we were thrilled to learn that both of our brothers would be coming to visit with us.

It’s not often enough now that we get to have all five siblings back together, so we decided to leave the dads and kids at home so that we could take our Mom and Dad out to Olive Garden and have plenty of uninterrupted time to spend together.

After finishing dinner, we were talked into posing for a family snapshot…and here we are:
From left to right:
1) Jeff – the #4 sibling who is doing his very best Sweatiepy impression
2) Moi – I’m #2 in the order of siblings
3) My dear dad
4) Jon – the #5 sibling who is crouching down trying to pretend that he isn’t towering over the rest of us in all of his 6′ 3″ glory
5) My lovely mother
6) Janine – the #1 sibling or who I like to call the oldest sibling
7) Andrea – the #3 sibling and classic middle child, or Drew as we all like to call her

Here is another shot of us at our finest:

We are all very proper and very mature.

After the forced family photo time, we then in turn forced Jon and his girlfriend, Kathy, to pose for some pictures as well…

Which I’m sure didn’t make them feel uncomfortable, awkward or conspicuous even one bit…

It didn’t matter though, because Jon knew how to take care of that problem…

By becoming his “normal” goofy self…

When you use the words “normal” and “Jon” together…that’s an oxymoron, right?

This is one of my favorite pictures. The exact moment when Kathy begins to realize that Jon is not behaving…

And she decides to take care of that nonsense…

Which I think might have involved a little bit of tickling…

And maybe even a pinch or two…

What a woman!

I think these pictures just beg a person to want to say (brace yourself for it Jon) that they are just too stinkin’ cute together!