End-Of-Summer Par-tay!

Saturday evening we spent several hours at the home of Sweatiepy’s parents having a “celebrate everything” type of party for the end of summer. It ended up being a mixture of celebrate all of the summer birthdays + last swim party of the summer + huge bonfire fiesta which you all know is going to have to equal a whole lotta fun.

One of the summer birthdays we celebrated was my oldest niece who was the flower girl at the wedding of good old Sweatiepy and myself. She just turned 21. Twenty.One.

Oh my word….my flower girl is now older than I was when I was walking down the aisle to marry my dearest love. And that officially proves that I am old. Except that I am only “Forever 29” which makes it physically impossible for me to be old…hmmm.ArthurSB850
The bonfire part of the evening was extraordinary. Sweatiepy’s parents had a beautiful old tree die on them this summer and so they had to have it cut down. This meant that they had one heck of a huge pile of wood to burn that night. We were all quite fascinated by it.

So, how about all of you? Have you had one humdinger of a bonfire celebration during your summer-that-is-almost-over? All I can say is that a big, warm bonfire on a crisp, cool, almost-fall evening has got to be one of my favorite things!