Corn Fields.

Last night was a busy one for Sweatiepy…he took Will to soccer practice, stopped at the store to get a few things I needed and then ran out to the school to read the class lists on the front door to see who our kid’s teachers are going to be for the upcoming school year (not sure why they can’t just put those lists on their website??)

By the time he returned home, it was close to 8:30 and even though I had gotten dressed to go on my jog I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen. But then he pulled out his uber-sexy, awesomely-reflective, super-safety running vest and I decided to go on my jog even though it was getting very close to dark outside.

Safety wasn’t an issue while I was jogging…only one car passed me while I was out, it was clearly able to see me, and I walked in the grass while it was passing me just to make sure I was safe.

No, the issue wasn’t safety. The issue was….Corn Fields.

Out here in the Ohio Middle-Of-Nowhere, corn fields are everywhere.

And, there is one thing many of you might not know about me. I am an official “Scary Movie Wimp.” My sisters, brothers, parents, sister-in-law, kids and hubby will all testify that when it comes to a scary or suspenseful or maybe even a not-so-scary movie, I become a big ball of mushy crybaby and will refuse to watch it. Or, if someone makes me watch it with him (I’m not naming names, but the “him” would be Sweatiepy), I will drive him crazy by plugging my ears and closing my eyes during all the scary parts. And then I will ask him over and over again “what’s happening now?” or “is the scary part over?” until he kicks me out of the room and then I don’t have to watch the scary movie anymore.

Works everytime!

So, while I’ve never actually seen the “Children Of The Corn” movie, I’ve heard other people describe it. And, I will fully admit, I have an overly active imagination that I’m not afraid to use. Especially when I’m outdoors…and it’s getting dark.

And the pretty corn fields that are everywhere in our neighborhood?

Instead of looking like this:

They all began to look like this:

But much, much, much, much scarier.

Needless to say, my two-mile jog became a one-mile jog. And I jogged it in my fastest time ever.

And I’m fairly certain that I’ll never need to use the uber-sexy running vest again.