Another Puppy Visit.

I apologize for being super-late to posting my blog for the day. This morning was the “getting ready for school” morning from hell. I won’t bore you with the details, but I do have to say that I really respect my mom even more now considering that I only get four kids ready for school and she always had to get FIVE kids up out of bed and out the door to school each day. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

After getting the three older kids out the door and on their way, I loaded up Weston to take him to preschool which is where I met my older sister for our new “Preschool Morning Routine.” We have decided that on the three mornings that our boys are in preschool each week, we are going to go to the local rec center to work out.

The boys are in preschool for about three hours so that gives us a half hour to drive to the rec center, two hours to work out and then a half hour to drive back to preschool. With winter just around the corner, I was really worried that my new “getting fit” routine would go right out the window (I am not a fan of cold weather and cannot even imagine talking myself into jogging two miles in the snow everyday.) We are hoping that by doing this together, we might actually stick to it! Wish us luck…

After picking up “The Three Amigos” from preschool, Weston found out that the other two boys were stopping by Bob & Jean’s house to see the new puppies. He informed me that he really, really, really wanted to go as well.

Me: Will you actually hold one of the puppies so I can take your picture this time?

Weston: Well, (Weston starts almost every sentence with the word “well” right now) my don’t wike it when him wicks me. (I don’t like it when he licks me.)

Me: The puppy is just trying to give you kisses Weston because she likes you.

Weston: Well, my don’t wike it.

Me: Will you please hold the puppy just for a second so that I can take one picture?

Weston: Well, maybe my will hold it wiff one hand.

Me: ?? (Why would it matter if you hold it with one hand or with two?)

Of “The Three Amigos”, Craig is the only one who really likes dogs. Nathan doesn’t hate them…he just wants to run the entire time and let the dogs chase him. Weston hates the dogs. I know this because he told me many, many times…”my hates them dogs!”

And so most of our visit was spent in the tree…

While the poor little puppies wondered where all of their friends went…

We finally talked Nathan into sitting still for a picture:

But there was no talking Weston into it. He found his “safe place” and there was no getting him off of there!

I’m just kind of relieved that there is at least one other person in this household that doesn’t want to get a puppy!