And…They're Off!

Yesterday was a busy day…the 1st day of school for my two oldest children, Will and Weslea. {Please excuse me while I take a moment to do a happy dance.} Woo-hoo! Okay…I’m back.

Will was excited to get his first male teacher since preschool. During his year of preschool, he had a young male teacher whose name was…and I’m not making this up!…Mr. Appel. Pronounced just like “apple.” I’m sure this meant that he got even more apple gifts throughout the year than the poor average teacher should have to get.

Mr. Appel went down in history as my favorite teacher ever. Not because of his teaching skills per se (although he was a good teacher.) No, the reason I loved him was because after I spent a long, fat, uncomfortable year of dropping Will off at preschool while I drug one toddler, one baby and one huge pregnant belly around with me….Will went into school one day and excitedly told Mr. Appel that “his mommy had had her baby! And it was a boy!” Mr. Appel earned a forever type of love from me when he looked at Will in shock and said “What?! Your mom was pregnant?” The man was completely serious…he totally had never noticed that I was pregnant. (!) Which clearly means that he does not pay attention to details, but also means that I will love him forever for his cluelessness.

Anyway, Will finally has a male teacher again. A Mr. Gordon who not only is the coach of several basketball, football and wrestling teams at the middle school and high school (this immediately made him Mr. Cool in Will’s book), but he also eerily reminds us of a certain Uncle Jon.


Weslea is in a looping classroom which means that she’ll have the same teacher that she had last year. Weslea is thrilled about this and so am I. Will had Mrs. Kotlarek for two years and somehow we lucked into Weslea getting the same teacher. We now know exactly how she runs her classroom, how her homework schedule works, what her rules are and…we just completely love her as a teacher.


We are crossing our fingers and looking forward to a fun, exciting year of school for both of them!