And…Our Summer Is Over.

Our last day at the lake could have been a really sad one, but it ended being a blast of fun for the kids instead.

Not too soon after we arrived, the kids bombarded the lifeguards with their “goodbye presents.” Handmade cards that they had made for them and chocolate goodies that my sister and I made for them to snack on. The lifeguards had the best thank-you gift ever that they gave back to the kids…they let the kids be lifeguards with them for the day!

You would have thought they had handed the kids brand-new toys….the munchkins were that excited!

Those silly lifeguards even knew how to make saying goodbye a fun experience as well…

It probably does help quite a bit that the kids are going to get to see several of the lifeguards this Friday at the local high school football game. Which means that we are going to have to cheer on a high school team that isn’t ours (?!) We’ll see how that goes…