And My Favorite Was…

I had my silly little contest yesterday to see if anyone could pick my favorite photo (so far) from Chelsey’s Senior Pictures session….and two of you picked it! Kim from Hiraeth (who opted out of the contest) and Amy from Texas. So, Amy-girl…you are the winner! And I have no idea if you enjoy rubber stamping or not, so you’ll just have to let me know. If you aren’t into stamping I’ll come up with something else fun to send your way.

And, while I’m on the topic of Kim and Amy…I might as well shamelessly plug their blogs for them which is very easy to do because they are both fantastic! I met Kim from Hiraeth years ago at a Stampin’ Up workshop that I was demonstrating at for a friend of hers. Not too soon after that, she moved to Illinois and we lost touch. Somehow she found my blog a couple of weeks ago and I have been having so much fun reconnecting with her through the blogging world. Her blog is full of beautiful photos, heart-warming poetry that she writes, calligraphy art that she designs, and too much other fun stuff to mention. Be sure to check her out!

Amy from TX and I met through another photographer’s blog (the infamous Miz Booshay that many of you know of through the immensely popular Pioneer Woman blog.) Amy is one talented, creative gal and I’ve had a ton of fun getting to know her through our blogs and Facebook of all places. She posts daily, gives a ton of decorating ideas (which I can definitely use) and she even has free downloads that are amazing. I know she’d love to have you stop by to visit with her.

So…back to the contest. What was my favorite photo that they both picked? The beautiful capture of #6.

I don’t know why I love that photo so much, but the second I uploaded it I was just completed mesmerized by the look on Chelsey’s face. When I met Chelsey last night to shoot some photos of her in her cheerleading outfit, I told her that I was planning to get a couple of the photos printed just to see if I was Photoshopping them correctly for printing or not and she got all excited…”just make sure you print the one of me in my brown shirt when I’m kind of looking back over my shoulder! That’s my favorite one!” Somehow the two of us both picked the same shot as our favorite. Great minds think alike and all that I guess. 🙂

And now, Chelsey and her parents have the difficult task of narrowing down which photos they want to have printed. And after they choose the photos they want printed, they have to choose the finish they want on each photo (bright color, vintage, black and white, sepia, chocolate…) And after that, they have to pick the sizes of photos they want printed. And after that…well, I think the choices might never end.

And I am glad that I don’t have to make those decisions!

And I also now realize why “real” photographers only give their customers a limited amount of choices. It’s overwhelming trying to narrow them down.

Let me leave you with one of my new favorite photos…although I do have to say that it really is not right that a teenager can be this beautiful!