The Sights Of Ann Arbor

My pictures are huge today (?)…but I love how clear they turned out.

The kids enjoyed our visit to the University of Michigan campus even more than I expected them to. Will insisted on wearing his OSU shirt so I put one on Wyatt as well…causing us to get a few stares, but overall everyone on campus was very nice about it. Even when Weston was riding on Uncle Jon’s shoulders and kept yelling “Boo Michigan!” That child really can be a stinker.

Wyatt, my little rebel, now insists that he is a University of Michigan fan and really wanted me to buy him a new shirt to wear. That did not happen…

Jon had thought of a lot of places on campus that the kids would enjoy checking out: the Vault of Midnight comic book store, Pinball Pete’s, a Mexican restaurant for lunch, and the law building which looks incredibly like Hogwarts (for all you Harry Potter fans.) After we returned to Jon’s condo, the evening was whiled away battling on the Wii and swimming in the association pool. The kids are thinking that we need to move to Michigan now so that we can have our own pool as well.