The Real "Photography Session" Story.

Family pictures are always a time of huge stress for me. If I take the kids to a photographer, I end up spending the whole time feeling like I’m completely spazzing out, getting snippy with the kids, going to ridiculous measures to try to get them all to smile at the same time, and having huge sweat marks pool under the armpits of my shirt.

Basically, I turn into a witch. A witch with big, sweaty armpits. A witch that is not a pretty sight.

During our family photography session at the beach last month, I had high hopes that things would be much more relaxed and that my photography witchiness wouldn’t have a chance to show up.

High hopes that I’d have a bunch of photos like these…

And high hopes for cute candids like these….

But, the reality was…it was really just as stressful as any other photo shoot my family has gone through.

It started out with us getting a late start to our day. We had finally arrived at my brother’s home late the evening before, woke up later in the morning than we had wanted to and didn’t arrive at the beach until the sun was high and bright in the sky.

Which makes for some very squinty photo shooting.

After realizing that those shots were not going to work, we made our way down to the water which led to our greatest stress of the day…this guy…Mr. Wyatt.

He just looks way too cute to be so much trouble, doesn’t he?

We weren’t down by the water even one minute…not even one minute!…and that dude was soaked to the skin.

The four year-old managed to stay dry…but the six year-old couldn’t resist the temptation.

Which, in the long run…getting wet didn’t really matter all that much because during our family photo time we all ended up getting soaked anyway.

And, I guess that getting completely wet is the real reason for going to the beach in the first place…

Trying to keep Wyatt and Weston out of the water was a full-time job for Dad though…and Dad was not having a fun time handling that responsibility. As a matter of fact, I think it would be safe to say that I, finally, wasn’t the witch for one of our photo sessions…a certain other someone took over that role.

So, while I’m trying to get all these fantastic pictures of Daddy and his little girl, I quickly realize that they are not going to work at all…because of a certain other someone’s mean face.

Unless I pull out some of my “mad Photoshop CS3 skills” though!

Why…with a little creative cropping here…

And a little extra shaping there….

Dad does
n’t look quite so grouchy anymore, does he?

Phew…it’s a good thing that I’m so good at photoshopping. Without my “skills” our photography session could have been a complete disaster.

And now you know the real story as to why most of our family photos were taken from the rear view. The End.