That's My Boy!

It is a well-known fact on this blog that one of Weston’s favorite people in the entire world right now is Lifeguard Jacob. This is also a well-known fact to every single person who swims at the same lake as us…and Weston has made that a well-known fact to every single person he knows or comes in contact with.

On the unfortunate days when Jacob has a day off (how dare he!), Weston has learned that he has to transfer his affection to other people to be able to make it through his day without becoming a big pile of depressed 4 year-old boy. One of those people that he has learned to transfer his love to is Lifeguard Chelsey.

Lifeguard Chelsey is a cheerleader at one of our local schools, is completely stinkin’ cute and she loves kids. She enjoys being a “surrogate Jacob” whenever Weston calls upon her to be so.
For the little, tiny thing that she is…she sure does a great job of filling in Jacob’s large shoes!

When I was uploading my recent pictures onto my computer, I knew immediately that I was going to love this next shot. I mean, how completely adorable are the two of them??
Well…the picture is adorable as long as I do a good cropping job. Because my boy is doing something to poor Chelsey that he never seems to do to Jacob…
Notice the offending hand?
Yeah…that’s my boy.
(Please note that my sister’s son seems to have the same “offending hand” problem. You can read about his groping issues here.)