Random Randomness.

For two days now…two whole days!…I have forgotten to take my camera with me anywhere. And it is driving me crazy because I have missed out on some really great shots of my kids with their favorite lifeguards. I need to permanently attach my camera to my body somehow.

I was looking back through photos from last week though and found some really “stinkin’ cute” ones (I just had to throw that in there one last time to make my baby brother smile…or grimace…or groan.) Making my baby brother grimace or groan certainly puts a smile on my face! {insert my evil grin here}

Weston seems to have a problem, and that problem is that he doesn’t realize that most people have a natural “Personal Boundaries Circle” around them. Unfortunately for the people around Weston, he has not picked up on that vibe at all and feels it is his right to cross anyone’s personal boundaries…at any time. His latest victim was his Aunt Janine.

She is very, very patient with him.

I think these are the best shots I have ever taken of Sweatiepy. He was comforting Wyatt at the lake and look…there isn’t one bad Sweatiepy face in the entire lot! Miracles do happen…

Of course, there is the slight possibility that he had no idea I was even taking pictures of him. Otherwise I’m sure a Sweatiepy face would have shown up.

And how can I let one post go by without squeezing a Lifeguard Jacob moment in there? Here are a couple shots of the “Mother Duckling”…

With all of his baby ducklings following closely behind.

Quack! Quack!