One Of Our Busy Michigan Days.

{Quick Disclaimer: I hope you all can handle some large, somewhat fuzzy pictures because indoor photography is not my forte.} You have all been forewarned.

On Tuesday of this week while we were visiting my brother in Michigan, we decided to pack up the kids to take off on a day trip to Dundee, MI. Dundee is a small town that I have now decided should just be renamed “Cabela’s, MI” because everything in that town has something to do with Cabela’s. Even the water tower has a huge Cabela’s sign on it.

When Sweatiepy and my brother both suggested separately that we “had” to go see Cabela’s…I was a little bit skeptical. A hunting and fishing and camping and {insert outdoor activity of your choice here} store? What would the kids and I find interesting there? Or more specifically, what would I find interesting there as a non-hunting, non-fishing, non-camping sort of gal?

Well, let me tell you…it was amazing! We spent over an hour just wandering through the store checking out all the wonderful animal displays that they had set up everywhere. And, it was cheap! Since I have no interest in outdoor sporting activities, I wasn’t tempted to spend even one dime…my kind of a shopping excursion.

And here is a quick view of our hour spent at this amazing store:

After Cabela’s we headed next door to the indoor water amusement park (Splash Universe) where the real fun began. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening there. By the time we got home that night, mom and Uncle Jon were ready to pass out on the floor. The kids? They asked if Uncle Jon would take them swimming in his condo pool. I don’t think so, you little stinkers…