Lifeguard Jacob's "Fwiends"

Weston is a curiosity that my sisters and I have not been able to figure out.

Each day at the lake, instead of swimming the hours away like all the other normal children do…my little guy likes to hang out with whatever lifeguards might be handy. It doesn’t really matter who they are and it doesn’t really matter what they might be doing.

Don’t get me wrong…he does spend some of his time swimming, but the large majority of his time is spent hanging out with the wifeguards.”

Today he decided to hang out with Lifeguard Dawn and Maintenance Dude Mason while they weeded one of the flower beds.

Or, I could use Weston-ese and tell you that Weston hung out with “that big boy who is fwiends wif Jacob” (translated: that big boy who is friends with Jacob; a.k.a. MASON) and “that wifeguard dirl that Jacob talks to and her divs me tandy.” (translated: that lifeguard girl that Jacob talks to and she gives me candy; a.k.a DAWN.)

Because…when Weston is talking about anyone who works at the lake…they are always referred back to Jacob somehow. Always. It’s just the way his little mind works. Or, in other words…he’s obsessed.

For example, Lifeguard Chelsey is usually referred to in a manner like this… redember when my askted that wifeguard dirl where Jacob was and her said that hims not coming until four…and my is four too! And why is Jacob not here yet? Him should be here!” (translated: remember when I asked that lifeguard girl where Jacob was and she said that he’s not coming in until 4:00…and I’m four too! And why is Jacob not here yet? He should be here! My life is not complete! What will I do without him????)

In this case, I’m pretty sure that these two workers were fairly bored with their job at that moment and didn’t mind good old Weston hanging around to liven things up a bit.

He did his “livenin‘ up” mainly by playing hide-and-seek while he threw dead flowers at them.

And they threw them back.

It looked like great fun.

All in a day’s work guys…all in a day’s work.

How lucky have we been to get such a nice bunch of lifeguards at this lake? Or, should I say, how lucky has Weston been to get to hang out with such a nice bunch of lifeguards at this lake? The snooty, country club stinkers we used to have to deal with when I was a kid couldn’t even hold a tiny little candle to one of these guys (or gals.)

And I just have to say thank goodness for big blessings in unexpected places