Lessons Learned…

I learned, during our family bike ride today, that today was a day of lessons…

Our biking trailer will only fit on my bike. For some unknown reason it will not fit on Sweatiepy’s bike. That fact leaves me with this equation…

And…Weston is a lardbutt. That’s what I have officially learned about him.

Trying to take photos while you are on a moving bike and trying to stay upright doesn’t work very well. Your photos will probably turn out blurry and there’s a slight possibility that you might end up in a ditch. Or a corn field.

You would think that the trailer that is attached to the back of your bike…the trailer with the lardbutt in it…would balance your bike for you. It doesn’t.

Wyatt still hasn’t figured out that he is wearing the girl helmet with pretty little hearts on it. Since I can’t find any other helmet for him right now, I’m glad that he hasn’t figured that out. Ignorance is bliss.

Old rusty bridges with wide open spaces still give me heart attacks. They also don’t seem to bother dads at all.

Be still my panicking heart…


When Sweatiepy decided to borrow my bike for a few minutes to see “just how difficult it is to pull the stroller”…he learned that it is pretty difficult.

And that it’s one heckuva workout.
He also learned that when you take a mama’s boy away from his mama…the mama’s boy is not going to be a happy camper.

Just a few lessons learned.