Impromptu Photo Shoot

Well, we’re back in Ohio…home safe and sound. And tired! At least mom is tired…the kids seem to never run out of energy. We spent a fun, busy four days with my younger brother and I think it’s safe to say that he was probably glad to see me and my four noisy children head on out the door. His cute condo is nice and quiet and peaceful now. And he is probably content to be back to his regularly scheduled life now as well.

And I am now locked in my bedroom while the kids play with their dad. 🙂

Our week was so much fun…we kept very active by taking the kids on a ton of little side trips. Little trips that included our visit to the University of Michigan, spending a morning checking out the local Cabela’s store (I’ll be posting about that one soon), an afternoon spent at Splash Universe (not even one photo of that one as I’m too chicken to take my camera into a hot, humid, wet room full of hyper kids), many hours spent in Uncle Jon’s pool, and a day trip to northern Michigan where Jon had to attend a mandatory meeting for his job.

While we were in northern Michigan, my new best friend (Ms. GPS) came in very handy. We dropped Jon off at his meeting and I began asking Ms. GPS where the local parks were. After dropping by a Target for snacks, the kids and I went to a small park that was completely beautiful and relaxing after such a busy week. They spent three hours playing on the playground, checking out the creek and crazy trees that reminded us of the Whomping Willow (another reference to Harry Potter for all you fans out there), and kicking a ball around. And then we went on a walk to the very back of the park.

And in the very back of the park we found our treasure for the day….a crazy, twisted, gnarly, completely cool tree that the kids were able to climb all over. The perfect spot for an impromptu photo shoot. Kids were happy…Mom was happy. What could be better than that?

The kids posed for a few shots and then I let them have free reign all over that tree. They had grand time posing in the positions of their choice. And they did pretty good!

The best part was that this was an absolutely no-stress photo shoot. The first one I’ve ever had with my kids! I didn’t plan for it at all, the outfits weren’t all matching, the kid’s faces were flushed and sweaty from playing on the playground…and I didn’t care one bit. It was just fun to have fun with a photo shoot for once.

A grand photo shooting adventure!