He's Got The Magic Touch.

We spent most of this evening at my mom and dad’s house having a great time hanging out as a family and celebrating the fact that my brother (Jeff) and his wife (Danielle) were able to come home to Ohio to spend a long weekend with us.

Sometime during the evening, an upset Baby Jordyn was handed to Sweatiepy.



This is the same man that has made it very clear over the years that the “little baby stage” is just not his cup of tea…thank you very much. Don’t get me wrong…he was a good daddy from day one. He just definitely feels a lot more comfortable around all children when they are least two years-old.

And when they preferably don’t mess in their pants anymore.


So, somehow Sweatipy (much to his great delight as you can tell) ends up with a crying baby Jordyn…and he uses all of the comfort and soothing skills he has learned as a father of four to settle down our little angel.



The man does not even try at all…not even one little bit!…and that little traitor baby falls for him hook, line and sinker. Resist traitor baby! Resist!

In less than a minute or two that baby was going, going….gone.

Sweatiepy explained his “soothing-young-babies-abilities” to us in this way….”Basically it comes down to the fact that I can bore any female to sleep within minutes.”

All I can say to that is does he ever have the touch!

And I’d have to also say that the whole experience provided the opportunity for some pretty cute photo taking opportunities.


Do I dare mention that the photos might of even been a little stinkin’ cute perhaps?

Maybe it’s time to start trying for Baby #5 Sweatiepy. {wink, wink}

Oh wait, Sweatiepy is running out of the house in a panic. I better go catch him quick!