Double Digits.

Want to take a guess at what we did today?

Here are two hints…

Hint #1:

Hint #2:

In past years for my kiddos birthdays, we have done many different things. Big, at-home parties with the entire family invited to come over…smaller away-from-home parties with the kid’s friends…a day out for the birthday kid who would pick one friend to spend the day with them. This year we decided to do something different. The birthday kid gets to pick a restaurant for us to eat at as a family and then an activity for us to do together as a family. Will picked a Mexican restaurant (yummy!) and bowling (super fun!)

It’s a big birthday year for my guy. He turned the big 1-0…double digits baby! (The double digit thing seems to be a huge one for my kids. I have no idea why and can give no explanation for this. I’ve finally come to realize that it just is.)

I have to say that Will made a great choice for the activity…bowling as a family. Every single one of the kids had a great time. And I also have to say a big “thank you” to whoever was the smarty pants that invented bumpers for the bowling gutters. Makes the game a tad more enjoyable for your kids when they only bowl about once every four years or so.

Will has grown up a lot this year….sigh. How can I best describe your past year, Will? You are noticeably interested in joining in adult conversations and like to act like you belong in the adult group during social events. You decided to grow your hair long (which your mom loves and your dad hates) and you love to wear the turtle necklace you picked out at your “overnight at the zoo” field trip.

You still are a huge fan of Pokemon cards. Soccer is your sport of choice with basketball coming in at a close second. You were excited to pass the highest level of swim lessons this year and are swimming like a fish now…spending most of your time at the lake out on the dock making the most awesome cannonballs ever! And, above all else, you can’t wait to spend most of your birthday bucks on an Airsoft Gun with all the cool accessories.
And, buddy-boy, your mama’s heart has a little tug happen to it everytime she sees a photo of the young man you have grown into. A sad little tug because she realizes that you are no longer her little baby. And a happy little tug because in her heart you will always be her little baby…even if she can’t say that fact out loud because you would get angry with her.

During our bedtime routine, instead of saying “Will, you are my favoritest oldest son in the whole wide world!” I can now say “Will, you are my favoritest double-digits boy AND my favoritest oldest son in the whole wide world!”

And you truly are buddy-boy. Happy Birthday!