Angie's Road Trip

Yesterday evening I embarked on what I think is my first ever road trip by myself.

Well, it was alone…if you don’t count the four crazy munchkins in the back of the van.

Or alone…if you don’t count my new best friend, Ms. GPS. Isn’t she purty? Our friendship has grown by leaps and bounds on this trip.

We were happy to safely arrive at our destination…Uncle Jon’s house in Michigan! We have been planning this trip for over a month now and the kids were just a little bit beyond excited to say the least.
They have been in “Wii Heaven” all morning with Uncle Jon’s high definition big screen television. And now I’m in “Mommy Heaven” since Uncle Jon has taken all of the kids down to the community pool for a few minutes so I can take a nice long isolated shower. 🙂

We’ll be taking off in a few minutes to see “The Sights of Ann Arbor.” Do you think that might include a short visit at the University of Michigan? {boo! hiss!}