And Another Random One…

I guess it’s going to be another “Random Randomness” post because I am completely tuckered out…and there are several good reasons why. Which I’m sure you aren’t really that interested in reading about, but I’ll go ahead and bore you with the reasons anyway. I’m annoying that way.

1) Last night was my first stampin’ Card Class in several months and I had quite a crowd of fun ladies there. They made it through the cards quickly enough and I was cleaning up, ready to head on home at 10:30 p.m. when mom and I made the mistake of turning on the Olympics. The ladies gymnastics was either just beginning or getting ready to begin and two hours later we were still glued to the screen, ooohing and aahing and gasping and groaning along with most of the rest of the country I’m sure. What an amazing night of television!

2) Since it was going on 1:00 a.m. and I was still glued to the television, I ended up spending the night at mom’s house…in her beautiful guest room that I love so much. Unfortunately for me, Weslea had tagged along to mom’s house with me and I had the joy of sharing a bed with a seven year-old. You see…I’m used to sleeping with my main squeeze and when that man falls asleep, it is like sleeping next to a rock. A completely dead, unmoving rock for the entire night. He doesn’t move, he doesn’t squirm, he doesn’t toss, he doesn’t turn…nothing. (The tossing and turning is my job, thank you very much.) If he is rude enough to make a snort or a snore sometime during the night, all I have to do is jab him and he’ll usually stop. NOT WESLEA. Oh my word, sleeping with that girl is like sleeping inside of a pinball machine…elbows jabbed in my side, legs kicking my shins, arms thrown across my face…not my idea of a good night’s sleep.

3) We woke up early and headed on home because I knew that Sweatiepy had taken a day of vacation and was wanting to do something together as a family. That something together ended up being a day spent down at the Mohican River going on a canoe trip. To be honest with you, I was excited about going but was also just a little, teeny-tiny bit skeptical inside for two reasons: a) our two little guys – would they be able to handle a canoe trip? and b) me – would I be able to handle a canoe trip with four kids? And row my own canoe by my ownself since we’d have to take two canoes and the kiddos probably wouldn’t be especially helpful in any way?

We headed on down and enjoyed the beautiful rural scenery on the way that looked a lot like home just with even more corn.

And we saw one of the coolest road signs ever! This was the actual name of one of the roads in one of the small towns we drove through…

Will asked me “why are you taking a picture of a road sign mom?” Without thinking I told him “because it says Tom, Dick and Harry on it!” He looked at me in horror…I think he thought I was swearing in front of him. Oops.

Our day ended up being so much fun and all the kids did fine with the canoeing. Thanks to Sweatiepy it was also a very, very, very wet day as well. The highlight of the day had to of been Weston’s excitement over all the “rabbits” he saw. It took me awhile but I finally figured out that the “rabbits” he was swooning over were actually the small rapids in the river. “My see a rabbit mama! It’s another rabbit! My wuv the rabbits!”

4) I have finally reached the half-way mark towards my 100 miles and I couldn’t be more excited! Biking/Jogging after rowing seven miles and playing putt-putt probably wasn’t the smartest plan I’ve ever come up with, but I wanted to see that stupid ticker reach 50 miles so bad that I went out anyway. I think it was worth it.

5) And now I am one pooped-out mama and I’m ready to make all the kids go to bed at 8:00 on a Friday evening. Unfortunately for me, they aren’t very excited about that plan. {sigh}

This is exactly how I looked on the drive home as well.