Women Of Faith

Last February, the Ladies Group at our church decided that we would try to attend the Women of Faith Conference in Cleveland. I paid my fee to attend and excitedly looked forward to when it would be time to go. Let’s see…a free night away from the kiddos, laughing along with funny Christian comedians, singing powerful worship songs, listening to fantastic speakers, hanging out with “the girls”…what could be wrong with that??

The conference starts tonight.

Now, on top of trying to finish up all the last minute preparations for VBS (and there is still a lot to do, unfortunately), and trying to frantically clean my house for out-of-state friends who are coming to visit on Sunday (although they have reassured me that they are coming to visit us, not our house – I love them!), I am also trying to pack my suitcase to head out the door to this conference.

I know it going to be so worth it to go to this…uplifting, refreshing, rejuvenating. Right now, I’d rather be cleaning my house though.

Have any you attended this before? How much am I going to love it? My friends who have attended before assure me that is is going to be fabulous. The only bad parts I can think of are the mess I’m leaving at home and the fact that one of my roomies assures me that she snores…really bad.
I need to go find some ear plugs right now while I’m thinking about it…