Winner(s) and Creativity Rediscovered

Let’s get the best thing over with first, shall we? I had so many people participate in the Giveaway this week that I decided to draw three names instead of just one! You girls are soooooo lucky. =)

And the winners were:

1) Janine
2) Chickengal
3) Heidiannie

Yeah for all of you! If you were one of the winners, send me an email at angelastamps @ hotmail . com (no spaces) and we will figure out how you’d like to get your prize (I can either send the completed project to you or you can attend the class and make it yourself.) Congratulations!

Now, make sure you stay with me now because there is a surprise Giveaway at the bottom of this post…

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been way from Blogger for a few days. It wasn’t because of anything special, just for the boring, typical reason…my house has rebelled against my wishes. I had a long, serious discussion with it several days ago about how it needs to start cleaning up after itself and how it is now old enough to be able to wash it’s own clothes…all the things a good house should do! It completely refused and I, of course, got stuck taking up the slack for it’s laziness. Darn house…

On top of that, we are preparing to leave on a short trip to visit my brother and his wife in New Jersey soon. The very second my brain hears the word “trip”, a special, completely crazy trigger in there switches on and I get this overwhelming urge to completely spring clean my house from top to bottom before we can leave. Saturday I spent the day cleaning the laundry room…finishing up on laundry, washing the floor, cleaning out the cabinets (?), and washing everything down. Today, I found myself in the basement organizing my “pit of creativity” like a crazy woman when I literally have not stepped a foot down there for weeks. So why does it all of the sudden have to be organized right this exact minute? I blame this sickness on my mother because she has always been exactly the same way….Sweatiepy does not appreciate this trait that you passed on down to me mom.

While cleaning today though, I found some stamped creations that I made in the past and they both brought back so many memories and reminded me why I love this hobby so much.

The first was a 40th anniversary invitation that my sisters and I made for my parent’s party a few years ago. The fun part was that we kept the party a secret right up until the very last minute and they were completed surprised by the planning we had put into the event. We were thrilled with how our invitation turned out and especially loved the wedding photo that we incorporated into it…aren’t they (my parents) cute?!

The second item I found was Wyatt’s baby announcement that I had made to send out after he was born. I still can’t believe that I had everything to make that card packed up and ready to go, so that whenever we made our mad dash to the hospital…my stamping stuff would go with us. Wyatt was the only child of mine that actually had his announcements sent out the day we got home from the hospital. I completely finished them during my hospital stay and was so darn proud of my accomplishment. They were adorable (if I do say so myself!)
Of course, it probably helped that he was the best baby in the history of babykind. He was happy and contented and slept his hours away the entire time we were in the hospital. Now Weston…Mr. Ornery himself…whole other story! That child was screaming when he made his arrival and it took hours for him to stop. I wonder why his announcements never even got finished? Hmmm….
I think I’m going to have several quick, smaller Giveaways this week ladies and the first one starts right now.

First Giveaway Prize of 10 hand-stamped cards ~ leave a comment under this post telling me about your favorite “creative item” that you have made. It doesn’t have to involve any rubber stamping in it, but you need to explain 1) what it was and 2) why you loved it so much. Can’t wait to hear what you decide to share.

P.S. And feel free to share how you all get your homes to listen to your commands…I haven’t figured that out yet.