Wild & Crazy Weekend

Well, it was wild & crazy in a “Forever 29”, I have-too-much-to-get-done-this-weekend, Baptist kind of way.

I take it all back, it really wasn’t wild & crazy at all…just busy…but it was busy in a wild & crazy sort of way.

First off, the Women Of Faith conference was wonderful. Just as you all assured me that it would be. We arrived at Tower City early on Friday afternoon to eat a quick dinner and walk the 3-mile tunnel to the Q (which didn’t help whatever is wrong with my knees right now), and then we went through security. The same security where I was detained and ended up being taken away from the rest of our group.

What was my offense, you ask? Apparently, the zoom lens on my camera is too long to be allowed to enter the Q and it is considered to be a “professional” lens which is against the rules. After I stopped rolling on the ground in laughter at being considered a professional photographer, I got to take another 3-mile hike with a security officer to have my zoom lens stowed away in the security department where it had to sit all by itself for the rest of the evening. Fortunately for me, I was able to get through my zoom-lens separation anxiety attack and found a way to be able to enjoy the Women Of Faith program.

Hey, you know the YouTube video that’s been circling around that features the woman who sings the William Tell Overture but changes the words to tell you about how crazy a mom’s day can be?

She was there and she was hysterically funny. (You can watch the video here.) She also performed a new song that she called “Before I Eat” based on Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” song….oh my goodness, some people are just too funny for their own good. (You can watch that video here.)

And, I just have to say, that both of these performances led me to seriously wonder how these comedians and musicians can perform songs like these and still be able to converse normally afterwards? I would be on the ground in a puddle, gasping for breath for the next 10 minutes of my life if I had to sing a song like that first. The fact that they can have a normal conversation without huffing and puffing when they are finished singing impresses me even more than the actual performance.

The best part of the evening though was when we finally made it to our hotel and discovered that we were sharing the hotel with a large number of totally hip, happenin’ fellows and ladies who were all attending the Pez Convention.

Yes, there actually is a Pez Convention and there are actually a lot of people in this world who not only collect Pez thingies but they also will pay good money to stay at a hotel for an entire weekend attending a convention for their Pez thingies. (I apologize in advance if any of you are avid Pez collectors.) It was just a little bit over-the-top watching grown men and women cart around their Pez collections to show off to the other collectors.

I only have pictures of their advertisement boards because I was too chicken to take pictures of the actual people…some of them looked pretty daggone serious and like they probably wouldn’t appreciate a non-Pez aficionado taking pictures of them. I steered clear for my own safety.

After finishing the conference on Saturday and shopping for last-minute VBS stuff, I got home around 9:30 to find out that Sweatiepy, the love of my life, had cleaned the entire house for me while I was gone. Vacuuming, mopping, putting away toys, toilets…everything was cleaned up and ready to go for our guests who would be arriving Sunday afternoon….I had never loved the man more in my life.

I’ll post more about our guests soon, but here’s a quick peek into our fun visit with them:

This is the mode of transportation they are using on their road trip from Evansville, IN to Niagara Falls…

And this is their “professional Wii bowling form”…

Pretty kewl for a 40 (maybe even 50) something couple!

And here is the man of the hour again…not only can he show off a sexy bowling form…he cleans houses too!! My pulse is racing just thinking about it.

And no…you cannot borrow him for your toilets. He is very much needed here.