Why I'm Never Home.

Every evening this week has been spent decorating, decorating and then yep…decorating some more.

Unfortunately all this work hasn’t been in my home, which is slowly but surely falling apart from the lack of mom being around in the days or the evenings (I hope our friends from Evansville can stand seeing a not-so-clean home when they visit this Sunday…yikes.) All of this decorating business has been at my church where we began setting up for our upcoming VBS program.

Decorating for VBS is a humunguousgunguous job…that’s my new word I just made up for a really time-consuming activity. The decorating committee and I begin the planning for our part of VBS back in February when I finally make my final choice as to what publisher we will be using for that year.

Our very official sounding “VBS Decorating Committee” consists of the following people:

Jean – our artist extraordinaire and Decorating Director…she is also my older sister’s mother-in-law and is an incredibly talented watercolor artist who spends hours upon hours drawing up the decorating plans after she and I talk through how we think it should look. She also knows how to make refrigerator boxes look pretty darn pretty when it’s all said and done.

Pat M. – one of Jean’s art students who also attends our church and is incredible at painting detailed parts of a scene (ie. a shell, turtle, flower, trees, etc.)

Janine – my older sister who is quite an artist herself. She is also the one we depend on to finish off the scenes after we put them together…she’s an expert at finishing touches and pulling scenes together.

Me – the absolutely not-an-artist, non-painter, but feel-like-I-should-show-up-to-help-since-I’m-the-VBS-Director member of the committee. I’m good at coming up with the ideas, just not so good at knowing how to transfer those ideas into real life. I’m also very good at painting any large areas of the scenery that require only one color (ie. the sand.) At least I know my limitations…and thank goodness for those other three ladies on the committee!

There are so many areas that have to be decorated for our VBS program…I’m going to focus on two of our main ones right now.

The foyer:

This is the first thing the kids will see after they walk up the steps into the foyer. We wanted it to be bright and festive and to look like a ton of fun.

Next the kiddos will come to the registration table that is set up in the back of the foyer. In years past, this is where my tushy sat for three hours straight every night at VBS since I was the Registration Leader. This year, I am making the teachers take on more of the paperwork duties for their classes since I have been designated as VBS Photographer. My good friend (and former VBS Photographer) Michelle moved to Chicago last year so I guess that she won’t be able to do that job again this year. {sob}

Here’s one close-up of some of the foyer decorations…

and, here’s another.

The Sanctuary:

The majority of our painting efforts get put into the sanctuary decorations because this is where most of the action goes on. We have our Opening and Closing Assemblies in this room and then each of the classes will rotate through here again for their Music Session.

The Decorating Committee just completely outdid themselves with our beachy Hawaiian theme. This is the left side of the stage and I will show us moving towards the right in the next few photos.

And now we’re looking from left side towards the right side of the platform. Our main goal is to just completely transform the entire front of the church to fit in with the VBS theme. Other than leaving part of the stage open for our Assembly Leader, Mr. Kenny, it is covered with thematic decorations.

Now we’re on the right-hand side of the stage…cute, isn’t it?

Another close-up…

And one more. Enough of this, let’s move on…

But wait…what’s this? Who snuck into the sanctuary when I wasn’t looking?

Those little stinkers!

The worker’s kids are always the worst to deal with, aren’t they? Shy Whistler

I’m just kidding. My kiddos actually deserve a medal for all the hours they’ve spent trying to find something to do at the church while I was working. I guess I’ll have to take them swimming tomorrow as a “special” treat for being so good. You know my poor kiddos…they haven’t gotten to spend any time in the water all summer. Right