Those Crazy Boys.

My week has settled into a nice, predictable routine…

1) Take kids to swim lessons
2) Go home to eat a quick lunch
3) Head back to the lake to swim the afternoon away
4) Go home to pack a light supper to take to church with us
5) Go to the church to decorate for VBS…expect to be working there all night long.

This is just a quick peek at our incredible “Outrigger Island” VBS decorations. I’ll be sharing much more about this soon.

What I’d like to focus on for now is #3 (the “head back to the lake to swim for the afternoon” part of my daily routine.) We arrived today and the kiddos (including the big lifeguard kid) settled right into their silliness. I have to tell you, they had me rolling on the ground in laughter today watching their antics…

I think you can even say that they had a good old-fashioned UFC smackdown session…and loved every minute of it.

They also took turns flying around in circles, up so high that they could touch the sky…well, maybe not that high, but holy schmoly…look at them go!

All I know is that my kiddos were tuckered out tonight and I’m thinking that Lifeguard Jacob is probably having no problems at all sleeping good tonight either. Oh my word, they made me tired just watching them…

As Weslea and I like to say around here…”those crazy boys!”