The Face-Painting Gurus

That word “gurus” does not look correct to me at all, but spellchecker assures me that it is. I’m not liking it one single bit right now though…I think those little sneaky OCD tendencies I seem to have are making my brain crazy over one small five-lettered word.

Anyway…our “Face-Painting Gurus” (or should I just say “Experts” and stop driving myself crazy?) are absolutely incredible. Their table and the Pony Ride battle all night over who has the longest line. A sure sign that they are one popular place to be alright.

And our church’s resident artist, my older sister’s sweet mother-in-law, is our expert when it comes to painting entire faces.

Can you even imagine being talented enough to come up with these possibilities?

And our second face-painting expert is my sister, Janine. Her specialty is smaller tattoos and she comes prepared with several sheets of images that the kiddos can choose from.

The kids love, love, luv her talented artist’s fingers…which leads me to ask, does it even come close to being fair that one sister is so artistically talented and then the other sister (that would be me) doesn’t even have any artistic talent at all?

I know that’s the true reason I fell in love with rubber stamping…you don’t have to have any artistic abilities at all and you don’t have to be able to draw a recognizable figure. You just need to have a strong “copycat ability.”
I definitely have that.
Janine was always the mommy at the restaurant drawing detailed pictures on the placemats so that her kids would stay occupied and not drive the other diners crazy.

I was the mommy trying to draw the one recognizable animal I can draw (a baby chicky) and then having my kids say…”what is that mommy?” in their very most disgusted voices while they longingly looked over to where Aunt Janine was sitting.
I guess I’m the only one that thinks my cute little baby chicky is recognizable.

These two ladies blow my socks off with their talent though. What do you think? Absolutely amazing is
what I’m thinking.