We survived our first two days of VBS. That’s saying something, isn’t it?!

For me…the first day of registration was a nightmare, but that’s typical of every VBS I’ve ever directed. The rest of the evening and the entire second evening went very smoothly.

For Sweatiepy…that poor guy found out on Sunday that he was going to be the “VBS Recreation Leader” or “VBS Games Director” or “Guy-Who-Gets-A-VBS-Job-At-The-Very-Last-Second” after the original leader backed out of the position. So far, Sweatiepy has been getting rave reviews from all the other leaders…something about his witty banter and funny jokes. Don’t tell him I said that though or he might get a big head about the whole business.

Will couldn’t believe it when his very best friend from school walked in the church door…they’ve really enjoyed hanging out together this week.
This has nothing to do with VBS except that the picture was taken at VBS…but dagnab! Look at those eyes. I just can’t get over them…please pass your eyelashes this way girlie-girl. You have more than enough to share just a bit!
The class of goofballs…the Preschool Director certainly has her hands full.
Thank you so much for all your well wishes you’ve written concerning our VBS program…the kids are responding well to the messages that are being taught each day and are absolutely loving the Hawaiian-themed music, water games, cute crafts and yummy snacks as well.

And someday when I have a few extra minutes, I promise I will get all of the Giveaways I owe you winners in the mail to you and I will draw a name for the last Giveaway. You all are the most patient angels in the world…gotta love ya! Heart Glasses