Our New Addition To The Family.

It was Will’s “job” to wake up this morning, run out to the end of Uncle Jeff and Aunt Danielle’s driveway to pick up the Sunday newspaper, peruse all of the advertisements to see if there were any Wii’s available this week and then wake up mom and dad if he found one. He performed his job very, very well.

Uncle Jeff ended up making the mad dash to Toys ‘R Us to get in the long Wii line…and we are now very full of excitement and joy to announce that we are finally (after a year long search) the proud owners of a brand-new, sleek looking, full of fun Wii.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Sigh. We are so in love with her already.

Now, who would like to hook into Wi-Fi when we get home tomorrow evening and take me on in bowling? Anyone? C’mon…I’ll take it easy on you!