My Poor Knees.

Besides the sanctuary and the foyer, there are at least four other major areas that have to be decorated for VBS: the Bible Story room, the Snack room, the Craft room and the Preschool room.

And these rooms are the sole reason why I haven’t gone jogging since Monday morning…my knees are killing me from climbing up and down on a chair to tape up the wall hangings and from crawling around on the carpet to tape the bottom of the hangings as well. In years past, we have decorated for VBS and then come back to the church the next day to find decorations all over the floor. Not a good feeling to have to redecorate what just took you hours to decorate the day before. So, to say we go a little overboard in the taping department would be putting it mildly. We are packing tape crazy fools! I’ve also fallen in love with a staple gun…what a handy little device that thing is.

Bible Story Room (K-6th grades)

Our Preschool Room is actually like decorating for a whole other VBS program because these kiddos don’t rotate to the different rooms like the “big” kids do. They stay in their huge room for most of the evening. Their room is so large and open that it’s a little overwhelming for our crew to figure out what to do with it, but we also use their room for our big Friday Night Festival so we usually go all-out on the decorations for them. Lucky little buggers get one heck of a room by the time we are done with it. Here’s a small portion of their “Outrigger Island”:

One wall is their “fun play” area. We’ve got a water table and will soon have a sandbox with shells next to it as well.

And the other end of this wall has a bunch of blow-up toys that belong to my sister and me. We’ve decided that we are so sick of dragging these stupid things to the lake that the preschoolers can sit on them, bounce on them, pop the darn things and it won’t bother us a bit. With our luck, we’ll be dragging them back home in perfect shape at the end of the week though.

And, this is another free play area ~ stuffed animals and a bunch of other things will be available here.

The Snack and Craft areas were much easier to decorate, but still took a lot of time with covering all the tables, putting grass skirts on them, getting the crafts set out and ready to go,….

Right now, I’m just thanking my lucky stars that I’m not the Preschool Director. Being in the Preschool room all week would definitely involve a lot of crawling around on my knees…thanks, but no thanks. My cute little jogging ticker that I have on the bottom of my blog hasn’t gone any farther for quite awhile. I don’t think it could deal with a whole week on my knees with preschoolers. I’ll just walk around on my own two feet as the “official photographer” instead…I know my knees will thank me.