More Pictures?

Someone in the comments section mentioned that they wanted to see more VBS pictures.

More VBS pictures? Is that what you want…more VBS pictures? You better be careful what you ask for because I only have about 1,335 pictures I could share with you.

And you think I’m kidding…ha!

The one major downside to being the VBS Photographer is that you don’t just get to take the pictures. No, no, no…you then also get to edit all of the millions of pictures you took…and then you also get to spend a couple of hours each day making a slide show in Powerpoint so that the munchkins can enjoy seeing their faces up on the big screen at the next night’s Opening Assembly.

In this post most of you will recognize a face here and there. Either one of my kiddos or one of their many cousins who attend VBS at our church as well.

I’ll be sure to share more pics in a few days after I finish editing all 1,335 of them…yi-yi-yi.