Medieval Times

I just love that feeling you get when you finally pull in the driveway after a long road trip and are just so stinkin’ happy to finally be home. Ahhhhh…

I also love the fact that I won’t have to hear the words “Are we almost there yet?” again for hopefully a long, long time. And I’m especially thrilled that I won’t have to listen to talk radio again anytime soon either. Sweatiepy and I have an unfortunate agreement that whoever is driving the car has control over the radio…after 5 minutes of listening to his talk radio, I really think I wouldn’t have minded just shooting my head off to put myself out of my misery.

Our trip to NJ was a ton of fun though and we ended the visit with a bang…we ate dinner at the Medieval Times dinner theater. This is something we have wanted to do for a long time but couldn’t even think about because of the expense. My resourceful sister-in-law had been checking around for fun things for us to do and figured out that Medieval Times was having an awesome kids-free deal going on right now, so we decided to finally bite the bullet and check it out!

Here’s a brief synopsis of our evening…

We arrived at the castle over an hour early (following the website’s suggestion) because seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis. We found our first photo opportunity waiting outside the entrance and I was able to take my one and only “good” photo of the night.

Once you enter the castle, everything gets very dark and good photos become obsolete. We now enter into shiny, overexposed, flash photography territory.

We also entered into stupid hat territory. Everyone is given a crown to wear and you have to wear it no matter what. Just so you know, I am not a hat person. I am especially not a stupid hat person.

It didn’t take us long to realize that the reason they have you arrive so early is not really because you need to get good seating. No, no, no…the real reason is that the entire interior of the castle is filled with toy booths where your kiddos will be enticed to beg their parents to buy them shiny swords, fierce looking dragons, beautiful headbands, light-up cups and the list goes on and on.

So, we spent the hour trying to distract the kids by taking goofy photos and finding out interesting facts about each other. For instance, the veins on my brother’s hand actually spell the word “HI”…I would of never known that. And my daughter, Weslea, has a blue veiny letter “W” under her chin! Pretty cool stuff. And, my brother and I both possess the incredibly awesome skill of being able to touch our tongue to our nose. We are all so talented.

Wyatt practiced and practiced, but he can’t quite reach his nose yet. I think he has nefarious plans for that feat though (ie. reaching the inside of his nose) so I’m kind of glad that he hasn’t perfected it yet.
After we were finally seated, we were informed by our serving wench (I’m not being disrespectful…that is what she called herself) that our knight was the brave and noble Yellow and Red Knight and that we should cheer heartily for him and all of his allies. Yippee-yeah-rah Yellow and Red Knight!
We were also informed that our one enemy was the Green Knight. He was a bad, evil, terrible, no-good, rotten knight. Boo-hiss Green Knight!
As you can imagine, we all took her advice quite seriously (especially Sweatiepy) and had great fun booing the Green Knight as loudly as we could.

Note to self: Don’t take Sweatiepy to another dinner theater that might involve booing. He can be quite embarrassing to sit next to.

I especially liked our knight because he picked Weslea out as one of the first people he threw a carnation too. She was ecstatic to be chosen but has, unfortunately, been teased mercilessly since then. You see, the brave Yellow and Red Knight kissed the flower before he threw it to her and Weslea then held the flower up to her nose…and now her father and uncle have teased her non-stop since about her “first kiss.” That poor girl in a family surrounded by boys ~ you can just imagine how her brothers picked up on that and how they will carry on about it for the rest of her life. That’s the trouble with being such a cutie that your knight falls for you. 🙂
We ate dinner with our fingers while watching the beginnings of the dinner theater play. The boys really got interested once the fight sequences began…
I think they liked the whole experience up to this point, but swords slashing and dashing and causing sparks to fly around…they were completely and totally fascinated now.
See all the dorky hats?

Shucks…I couldn’t find any pictures of me in my hat. What a tragedy.