I Can Do It! I Hope.

For the entire summer, I have had the pleasure of waking up in the morning feeling slightly guilty…and lazy…and like one majorly huge slug-a-bug.

The reason for this is because Sweatiepy has gotten into his “I’m getting in shape” groove which means that he starts his morning even earlier than usual by jogging anywhere between 3 to 12 miles a morning. I know…gag me with a spoon.

I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. My eyes creep open in the morning for the first time usually watching his jogging-clothes clad body leave the house for his run. They’ll creep open a second time to watch him walk into the master bathroom to shower. And then, if I’m energetic that morning, they might creep open a third time to watch him walk out the door to go to work. After that, they don’t open again until I hear children waking up.

Talk about making you feel lazy. With a capital “L.”

This feeling of laziness crept up on me last week and I decided that it’s time for me to start working on shaping up this body of mine and I went on a 2.5 mile walk/jog one morning while the three older kids rode their bikes and my little guy rode in the jogging stroller that I bought at a yard sale.

I could barely walk for three days after that.

We got home from our vacation on Monday and I went on a three mile jog (minus the times I walked up some hills.) I hobbled around like a little old lady for the next two days.

Last night I jogged/walked for another three miles. I ached for the rest of the evening. Then this morning I woke up and a miracle had happened…my legs didn’t hurt a bit! So, I went on another jog this evening and feel pretty good right now while I’m typing this (of course, I might have another think coming depending on how I feel in the morning.)

Mind you…any time I have ever started any kind of excercise routine I make it through that routine for oh…about one day. So I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for actually following through on this and jogging three times this week already.

But, I also know that my willpower when it comes to excercise is very weak. As in non-existent. As in “I hate excercising more than almost anything else that I can think of.” So, I have decided to reward myself when I reach my first goal of jogging 100 miles. Whenever I accomplish that goal I am going to let myself buy this beauty for my camera:

Now, to most of you that might not be any incentive at all. For me, it can practically bring tears of joy to my eyes. I can’t wait to get my hands on that lens for my camera. Not only will I be excercising, getting healthier and (hopefully!) losing some weight…I’ll also have a beautiful new lens waiting for me at the end of the tunnel.

Here is my cute little ticker that will be lurking somewhere around my blog. I’m hoping to see the little lady make it to the finish line sometime this year:

Now, for a little “funny” in all of this. I got home from my jog this evening and had Sweatiepy take a picture of my back. “Why??” you ask. Because I finally, for the first time in a looooooooong time, have a tan. I am ecstatic about this since I am a natural albino white most of the year. After he took the picture, my sweet innocent 10 year-old niece Caryn (who is spending the night) looked at me and said…”Aunt Angie, is that gray thing you are wearing your very first beginner bra from when you were a little girl?”

Wha? What?!? Sputter…Gasp.

Grrr………I’m not feeling so bad anymore about the completely inappropriate things my boys come up with to say to their Aunt Janine (Caryn’s mama.) Even if I am a size A…if I’m lucky…since I’ve finished nursing four babies for almost a total of four years. Life is so not fair sometimes.