Great Water Fight of 2008

Can you stand to hear even one more story about the lake? I hope so, because yesterday our day at the lake turned into the “Great Water Fight of 2008.”

You see, Lifeguard Jacob has this habit of pouring water on the little kiddos whenever they come close to the snack shack when he’s working there. I can’t say that I blame him…I’d probably throw something heavier if it was me…but I started thinking that maybe he needed to get a taste of his own medicine.

So, I came armed and ready yesterday and set these two rascals loose…they look ready to go, don’t they?
Unfortunately for them, they weren’t very sneaky about it at all…they literally took their filled water bottles up to the snack shack and started yelling “Where’s Jacob? My want to throw water at him!” This gave Jacob plenty of time to get his own water arsenal prepared and he soaked the rascals before they could even attempt to get him wet.
Jacob made one huge mistake though…he forgot that Weston and Craig have oodles of brothers and sisters…all who were more than happy to engage in a full-out water war with him. They all quickly made their way down to the lake and the battle began!

The other non-cousin kiddos on the sand were a little stunned by the goings-on I’d say. A few stuck around to watch the show, but most moved away to where it less wet rather quickly.
Jacob tried his best, but c’mon! The guy really didn’t stand a chance. Seven crazy kids against one “dignified” adult? You’re going down buddy-boy.

The cousins were very proud of the fact that Jacob was completely soaked by the time it was over. They were soaked as well, but who cares? Their main objective was to soak the enemy and they certainly accomplished that goal.
I’ve been reading all of your comments concerning Lifeguard Jacob and after seeing this water war I’d have to agree with all of you. I think Jacob enjoys the nonsense the kids throw at him almost as much as they do.
Actually, maybe even more than they do!
How lucky are they to have such a “kid-at-heart” as their lifeguard for the summer? I can say with 100% certainty that the lifeguards we had to deal with when I was a kid weren’t even half as much fun as him. Not even a quarter as much fun…heck, they really were no fun at all. Bunch of fuddy-duddies.
Almost every single one of the kiddos at one time or another has told me “when I grow up I want to be a lifeguard just like Jacob!” and Weston has told me many times that “Jacob is my very best buddy!” so I think that pays him the highest compliment of all.