Getting To The Point.

I graduated from high school in 1991. Which basically means I’m a lot older than what I’d like to admit that I am.

In the spring of ’90, I decided that I wanted to buy a bike. My best high school bud had his own car, but I didn’t. So we thought that if I had a bike it’d be fun to meet each other on the backroads between his house and mine and we could cycle the summer away.

Sam and I ended up sharing a lot during our high school years together.

He was voted the homecoming king. I was voted the homecoming queen.

If you look real close you can find both of us (and my younger sister, Drew) in this newspaper clipping. I’d really rather you didn’t look close though.

He was our senior class president. I was the vice president.

Again…don’t look too close. Please don’t! If you do, put on your “dork-control” glasses to take away the shock.

He was also on the yearbook team…which meant that he tried to take lots of pictures of his friends so that we would have a better chance of being in the yearbook. We all loved him for that…for real. For some reason we thought it’d be really cool to be in the yearbook.

What I’ve failed to mention is that we attended a very small Christian school together. Our graduating class reached a whopping high total of 15 graduating members. This gave Sam and I very, very good odds of being “King & Queen” and “President & Vice-President.” We were still happy about it though. Happy because being “King & Queen” basically gives you bragging rights for the rest of your life (especially if you don’t mention the ’15 graduating members’ part of your high school experience to anyone) and happy because “President & Vice-President” meant that you got out of classes a lot for planning sessions. That was the best.

So anyway, getting back to the real point of this story, I decided that I would buy a bike and Sam went with me to a small mom-and-pop bicycle store to pick out the bike of my dreams. Or, at least a bike that would fit into my $200 or less high school budget.

While I was paying for my new bike…and gasping in shock over handing over so much money for a bike…Sam picked up a brochure on the counter, looked through it quickly and said “Hey Angie. I think we should do this.”

“Do what?” I said snappishly (since I was still forking over my money and none too happy about it.)

“Read this…I think we should do it. It’d be fun.” he said (while probably thinking “stop being a jerk you big jerkwad.”)

The brochure he handed me was for the “Pedal to the Point” event that was being held in Cleveland that year to raise money for MS. I quickly realized that you don’t just bike a leisurely little path for 15 miles to raise money for MS. Oh no. You bike 150 miles. One hundred AND fifty miles.

75 miles from the IX Center in Cleveland to Cedar Point in Sandusky on Saturday. And then 75 miles from Cedar Point back to Cleveland on Sunday.

With typical teenager bravado I replied “Sure! Let’s do it!” and that began the Summer of ’90 which involved a lot more biking than we really thought we’d be doing when I first decided to buy a new bike.

It was a fun summer…we trained almost daily and became even skinnier than we already were (and neither of us needed to lose weight at the time.) We also became tan which is always a plus in my book.

This is the two of us looking really dorky but proudly showing off our “Pedal to the Point” t-shirts. We sure earned them!

Fast forward to 2008 and I am realizing that jogging might not be the sport for me. It took me two full weeks to recover from whatever happened to my knees. My fitness trainer…Sweatiepy…has informed me that he thinks it was a combination of me starting out doing too-much, too soon; wearing terrible running shoes; and climbing up-and-down chairs to decorate for VBS. I think he’s correct in that assessment.

He also informed me that biking is much easier on your knees and I thought “sure, I’ll give it a try.” Even though I really don’t think I’d been on a bike since the infamous Summer of ’90.

Sweatiepy, being the great guy that he is, followed through on that thought completely and came home with this pretty little present for me on Monday night.

And, I have to tell you, until I got on this bike and took my first ride…I had totally forgotten just how much I loved the sport of cycling.

While jogging, all I can think is “For the love of God…just run as fast as you can Angie and then you’ll be home sooner!” While cycling I can do a variety of things to distract myself if I’m getting tired…coast for awhile, shift into a lower gear, reach down for my water bottle to take a drink, fool with my Nano to find a new song to listen to. It’s wonderful and I’m totally and completely in love with it again.

My trainer has also informed me that he thinks it would take 4 biking miles to equal 1 jogging mile. So, you will see my excercise ticker go up accordingly.

And, look what I found in my memory box while I was looking for pictures today?< br />
My actual cycling number from the “Pedal to the Point” event I participated in.

Which is one sure sign that I have way too much crap saved in my basement.