Busyness, etc.

I am picking the winners faster than lightening this time so I don’t forget…being “Forever 29” and all, that can happen sometimes (as you all know…)

This week’s winners of 10 hand-stamped card fronts were:

Thursday – llamalindy
Friday – lori
Saturday – karen in oh

Way to go everyone! Send me an email and we’ll figure out how to get your cards to you right away. 🙂

Now, for the “busyness” in my post title…

I’m still jogging…or should I say wogging (my friend, Lori, came up with that description of my weird combination of jogging as much as I can and then walking whenever I get to the middle of a big hill.) I try to walk as fast as I can, but if I keep jogging my breathing starts to sound seriously ridiculous and I’m afraid the few people who live along that road will be calling 911 and asking them to send an ambulance to come pick me up. It’s not a pretty sound. I’m thrilled though because slowly, but surely, I’m inching closer to my goal:

My MIL called on Saturday and asked for all of the kids to come to her home on Sunday afternoon to swim, then have a sleepover and then go to the zoo with her today! Woo-hoo! Sweatiepy’s “Almost 40 but not quite yet” birthday is tomorrow so we went out to eat as a couple last night and then found a few activities to occupy our time.
Heart Shell

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself today minus all four kiddos…I ended up being really boring and started deep cleaning the house. Blech! Not my idea of a fun time, but it was very necessary. Our very good friends from Evansville, IN are arriving on Sunday to stay with us and all I could think was “Holy cow…I cannot even think about letting anyone enter this messy house right now.” I’ve been cleaning like a maniac ever since. Humiliation is a fantastic motivator.

On top of everything else going on in my life, I am the VBS director at our church again this year and VBS starts in less than a week. We’re doing a really fun, vibrant Hawaiian theme so it should be tons of fun for everyone helping and attending. VBS being just a week away though means that I’ll be living at the church for the next couple of days trying to get everything set up and ready to go so that the munchkins will have as much fun as possible. I’m sure you’ll get super-sick of hearing all about our VBS after I post about it constantly next week.

Should we do another Giveaway? I’m thinking…yeah! Let’s go for it. This one is a biggie, so you’re gonna have to earn it by leaving a comment for every post I make this week…(I know, I’m evil.)

In turn, you will be entered into the drawing to win a Level Three Stampin’ Up Hostess Stamp Set called “Older & Wiser”…this is one of those stamp sets that you can’t purchase, you can only earn it by having a really huge workshop of your own. Or, you can just comment on this blog and get it free from me! This set is super-cute and I know you’ll love adding it to your stampin’ collection. (Make sure you click on this link….Older & Wiser…to see some awesome samples made with these stamps.)

Good luck with the Giveaway! And please wish me well with the busy week I have before me. I need all the good wishes I can get. Phew